decoratelier will close → here is the program

week (1) 17.04I24 → 21.04I24

17.04 Hishek Bishek

18h > 23h / free(contribution)/8/12€

> outside

“We open the festival with a space for Palestine.” 

Collective turning the cabaret in our courtyard into a Mahraganat street party.

*this event is in chosen non-mixity by & for poc + with priority for women/trans/queer poc 

**cash only for this event as the funds will go to Gaza

18.04 Volta

20h > 23h / 10€

> inside

“A program without Volta would have been weird.” 

With our dear friends of Volta, we invite three artists to harmonize, one last time, in our club.

*only presales so hurry up

19.04 Fatsabbats x Brikabrak

22h > 5h - 12/15/18€

> inside

“It had to happen!” 

Two of the most vibrant communities that make Brussels gather & dance will finally meet inside Decoratelier.

*sounds of care & spaces of dance

21.04 Soa Ratsifandrihana

15h > 17h - free (contribution)

> inside

The light is back! After her memorable passage in 2021, Soa is back : she used her invitation to gather focus on one aspect of her next piece. 

*spend your Sunday with eyes closed in an intimate premiere of Soa’s audio piece

week (2) 23.04I24 → 27.04I24

23.04  Laure Prouvost

19h > 21h - 8€

> inside

“Oh my god! Laure Prouvost said yes!” Studio Laure Prouvost invites food collective Otark for a performance “inside the belly of the building”.

*be prepared to digest & be digested 

24 & 26.04 Volksroom

19h > 21h - 5€ + 10€

> outside

24 - Good spaces never die ! Simplified : the legendary artist-run-space Volksroom brings 5 solo’s by 5 performers. 

* a simple Monday but on a Wednesday 

26 - Same thing but make it more ! Multiply : the 5 same solo’s multiplied by 10 performers. 

*combi-tickets available for 24+26

24.04 Frizbee Ceramics

21h30 > 00h - free

> outside

Carte blanche. The multi-talented artists of Frizbee Ceramics will add a new space to Decoratelier made of “ceramics + softness + drinks”. 

*no presales - limited capacity 

27.04 Toestand

16h > 23h - free

> inside & outside

Portes ouvertes - opendeurdag ! Come discover the spaces of Decoratelier; one day galore of workshops, music, food, tours, talks, games and maybe a fashion show and popcorn.

*all doors will finally be open.

week (3) 30.04I24 → 04.05I24

30.04 He4rtbroken x eastern margins

21h > 02h - 10/12/15€

> inside

“This might get emotional.” 

We kick-off our last week with a heartfelt cry out ; eastern margins join our chouchou from He4rtbroken to sing & dance the space away. 

*a short but ecstatic party

01.05 Auguste Orts

20h > 23h - 5€

> inside

“A movie night !” 

We built a cinema & Fairuz Ghammam made a program.

*handpicked with love & tailor-made for Decoratelier

02.05 Gouvernement

18h > 20h - 5€

> inside

“Now is a good moment to reflect.” 

Two days before the closing, Gouvernement’s BREAKFASTCLUB creates space to talk about space & all that happens when your practice becomes bigger than yourself. 

*come & think with us

03.05 DAKH

17h > 22h - free (contribution)

> outside

“You don’t want to miss this !” 

Apotheose of battles; hip-hop, house dance, popping, fuck, dancehall, krump, heels… & even more.

*thought for (non)dancers

04.05 Some Songs Away

20h30 > 22h

> inside

Bribes of Marie’s legacy written in tears of joy.

04.05 Last party ever ever ever x Jokkoo Collective 

22h > 6h - 15/18/20€

> inside

“A grande finale.” 

On our last night ever, together with Jokkoo Collective from Barcelona, we double our capacity by transforming our atelier into a second club.

*this time is really the last time